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CAPRE...Stronger than market forces.
CAPRE...Stronger than market forces.
CAPRE...Stronger than market forces.

CAPRE...Stronger than market forces.

Live your best life in Lake Arrowhead
We believe the only thing we truly own is our story. That time is our most precious asset. We harness pioneering technology, expert guidance and the power of local knowledge to help our clients find their dream home.
The Blue Zone Project for Lake Arrowhead
CAPRE is a proud sponsor of creating a Blue Zone (life longevity project-live 90+) in our Mountain Community. Here is what it all means AND we are here to help:

1-Engage in moderate regular physical activity
2-Create a life purpose
3-Reduce life stress - take more time to relax in the Mountains
4-Engage in moderate caloric intake
5-Practice a plant based diet
6-Moderate alcohol intake
7-Engage in spirituality
8-Engage in family life
9-Engage in a social life

We believe this is the best way to maximize and enjoy life.
Your always-on mountain Real Estate agent
Whether it’s a Lakefront Estate or a Mountain Cottage. CAPRE's Real Estate agents are never more than a call away. Were open 9 to 5 PM Mon to Sun BUT there is always an agent on call.

We are your best way to find your dream home in the Mountains.
Enjoy more time and less headaches on the Mountains
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CAPRE offers a turbo-charged customer service.
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CAPRE will make your mountain Real Estate experience a great one!
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For anyone who wants to feel like a local buying Real Estate
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We’ve reimagined Real Estate in the Mountains.

Ultimate help
Tired of calling companies and being put on hold. We are just a call away. And there is always a Real Estate agent on call.
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